Boursorama – La vie au futur – homme

Character (all robots) lighting/renderging(Vray) on this commercial at Mac Guff Ligne. Agency: Betc Director: Jan Kounen Vfx supervisor: Thierry Onillon
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DESTOP – Mousse Active

Environment shading/texturing on Vray at Firm Studio. Production: Bollywood Director: Fred Mayer Agency: Betc
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Silence Of The Sun

Very short educational film. Based on Félix Leclerc’s quote : « Light makes no sound ». Music: Galdson-Venzei Softwares: Maya, After Effects
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The goal of the project is to design autonomous creatures whose behavior differs depending on their environment.
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Endless Sunset

Short architectural project of two lounges !
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The Lost Island

A lighting and fx school work based on Jeremy Birn’s challenges #16 lighthouse.
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Fractal Generator

Fractal generator is a Maya script (Python) for creating fractals
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Montmartre by night

"Montmartre by night" is a camera mapping project
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Blissful Slow Motion

Blissful Slow Motion is a personal project. It's experimental.
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